About AWP

This is a blog that deals with issues relating to peace by and for Seventh-day Adventist women and men. We welcome comments from men and women of all walks of life and religious persuasions–the broader the dialog, the richer our learning. The blog is sponsored by Adventist Women for Peace, established in 2005, by five women friends and colleagues associated with La Sierra University, an independent, liberal arts Adventist university located in Riverside, California.


2 Responses to “About AWP”

  1. Michael Westmoreland-White Says:

    I would be happy to list you on http://levellers.wordpress.com as you requested. However, I would be even happier to have you join Christian Peace Bloggers blog-ring. Go to Levellers, scroll down the right side column until you see the box for Christian Peace Bloggers, click “join” and follow directions. Within 24 hours, I will send you an email with your code and the html needed to put the Christian Peace Bloggers box on your site.
    You will have joined over 50 Christian blogs that make peacemaking a priority.

  2. clubadventist Says:


    Hope you come register this great blog at http://adventistbloggers.com/

    All the best!!


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