Feeding our Families

A short while ago, it seemed obvious that the major issues in this US presidential election would be the Iraq War and “Family Values” (which had seemed to me to be more concerned with cells than keeping current humans alive). Now, the polls show that what is uppermost in the thinking of most voters is-“how can I keep my own family going?”

The war and the hot topic of undocumented migrants are still discussed, but mostly in terms of how they are impacting the “normal” “real” (white) American family financially.

Take a global look at what it takes to feed a family in various countries, not just at the quantity of the food and the price, but also the type of food, whether a third of it is empty expensive calories and soft drinks, how much is processed food or high priced from packaging, and how much is REAL food. Well in the US, most of us mothers do not have time to deal with natural foods and raw vegetables. Our lifestyle now demands that both parents have jobs outside the home. What would happen to the “American lifestyle” if it were truly respected for a mother to stay home and be there when the kids came home from school and had a healthy non-processed meal for the family to come home to?

PS During my incredible month in Costa Rica this last summer, the directors of our Spanish language school told me that by going to the local farmers’ market, they were able to buy all of their groceries for a week for the 2 of them for $25 dollars. With the great variety of freshly picked produce, they also knew that everything that they put into their mouths was brimming with nutrients.

Victoria Bresee


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  1. oviedostyle Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I liked the picture from Chad. It doesn’t look like much though.

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